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> Creating a Ghost Folder

Creating a ghost folder or an invisible folder is not meant to protect your data or to hide your files. It's meant for fun. You could just show it off to someone who is not familiar with it. The trick is very simple and is tested on Windows XP and Vista. You can surely try it on other OS as experiment :)

1) Create a new folder anywhere in you system (Right-click > New Folder)

2) Make sure you use the Numpad to name the folder.
3) Once the folder is created, just Right-Click and rename or hit (F2 key)
3) Now rename the folder as "ALT + 0160" (Key combination for a blank character)
4) Once this is done, you will see a blank space as the folder name.

5) Now that you've hidden the name, you can proceed with hiding the folder icon
6) Right-click on the folder icon and click "Properties"
7) In the Customize Tab click "Change Icon"

8) From the list of icons that you see, select a blank icon (a blank visible space between icons) and click "Ok"

9) Your invisible/ghost folder is ready.

10) Though its easy to trace them out, try not to create too many of them. You may tend to forget removing them and they could unnecessary clutter your disk.


  1. If you try renaming the folder with any other character than one mentioned in the trick above, windows will not let you rename the folder.

  2. I have done this once at my class's PC and my teacher was so confused! eventually he found out the trick


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