Social Icons

> Get floating Social Media Share Buttons on side

You must have come across several blogs including mine that have floating social media buttons aligned by their side. These buttons are very useful for sharing your content with online social media networks like Facebook, Digg, Tweeter, Google Plus etc. The more shares you have, the more popular your blog can get. You can even expect a viral traffic growth with these floating social media buttons. These are very easy to install; even you can install this app for your site.

There are lot many other options to share your content with others, but having a fixed floating option makes a lot of difference. Since these buttons don't scroll with the content they are always visible to users and there are more chances for your content to get viral publicity.

> Convert Handwriting to Font

Convert handwriting to fonts in a user friendly manner. Just write alphabets in your own handwriting and then use the same as a font and save it for all you personally typed handwritten letters.
Recently came across a site that lets you convert your handwriting into a digital font. It's really easy and you can do it in minutes.

Before you proceed, see that you have a Webcam or a Scanner, if not, at least a digital camera. The system has a ready template which you can print once, and then create multiple copies whenever required.

To begin with, pick up the template you printed and write the alphabets and numbers in your own handwriting. You will need to follow the alphabet/number location exactly as shown in the template boxes.