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> Online Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Just a few lines on OCR for those who are not familiar with it. OCR viz Optical Character Recognition is a smart piece of software that can extract TEXT from an image or a similar file and provides it in an editable format. You can then Copy/Paste the output into your favorite text editor.

Almost all recent scanners have an inbuilt OCR that can manage an image to text conversion, but what if you wish to perform OCR on an image file that you received in mail. You obviously won't print the document and then scan it again to get the Text right :)

As always, there is a solution for this. The easiest method would be doing it online. Just visit OnlineOCR

Some key features for OnlineOCR
1) Online OCR supports 28 languages world wide
2) It can handle 8 file formats
  > PDF (All types of PDF files including multi-page PDFs)
  > TIF/TIFF (Multipage TIFFs supported)
  > BMP
  > PCX
  > PNG
  > GIF
  > ZIP files containing the above types of files can also be uploaded.

3) Service gives possibility to convert the output in 6 formats
  > Adobe PDF
  > MS Word 2003/XP
  > MS Excel 2003/XP
  > Html 4.0
  > RTF
  > Text Plain
4) Its free to use for 5 images

The only drawback I see here is... Once you create an account, you get just 5 free credits and each credit lets u convert 1 entire page. In simple terms, 1 account = 5 credits....Now I don't have to tell you how to go about this :)
Still further, if you want some more credits, you can participate in their free bonus credit programs or simply purchase the credits if you like it.


  1. I recently came across a website on OCR technology, containing all kinds of information about OCR software, news about companies and developers. Have you heard of it?

  2. Yeah Nina, I checked it out. That site is nice too.

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