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Every Google Adense user aims to receive a steady income from Adsense. I'm sure, even you do. That's the reason you are reading this post.

Lets say, you already have a blog and an active google adsense account. You optimize your blog for search engines, you promote it vigorously to achieve maximum traffic to it, you probably pay for adwords to get constant targeted readers. All these efforts just for your content to be found and read, is it?...........Nah!!!...... Afterall you know you've got to recover your costings by increasing revenue through adsense or affiliates.

Now suppose there was a system that increases your adsense earnings on autopilot. You do part of the work and someone else does the rest for you. To be specific, you write a new post on your blog and the system picks it up, performs SEO on it and puts it in their high traffic pages with your adsense code. So you get good amount of clicks on your adsense.

The system I'm talking about is basically an innovative blogger's revenue sharing community where you can submit your blogs, create new blogs, upload flash games, participate in discussions and also earn revenue using a Google Adsense account or Amazon Affiliate account.

It's different from other social blogging sites as it allows you to Add Your Blogs and to centralize all of your existing blogs to one site. You can add your existing blogs from Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, LiveJournal, FaceBook and some other blogging platforms. This will increase your readership and make an extra revenue at the same time. It's is accepted by Google Adsense on a 50:50 % revenue share.

Apart from blogs, users are also allowed to upload their flash games to the site. If you are not a game creator, you can pick up downloadable games from sites that allow you to download free games. Games are often liked by users and can be your additional source of adsense revenue generator

There is a lot more to explore. Check out the site HERE


  1. I like the info u shared.... keep up the good work.. :)

  2. Thanx Faysy, there'd be more coming up. Stay tuned.

  3. Yousaytoo is a great website!!
    These days I am using using InfoBarrel and RitePad for extra backlinks and making money also.

  4. I would like to say this is an excellent blog that I have ever come across. Very informative. Please write more so that we can get more details.

  5. Thanks Gsalerts, that was quite inspiring :)

  6. I would've liked to know your name Anonymous, but thanks anyway for referring InfoBarrel and RitePad

  7. There are a lot of adsense revenue sharing sites out there. Most of the newer ones are having to share more of their revenues to draw people in. Snipsly shares 80% of its adsense revenue for example.

    I found another new one recently which shares both 80% of its adsense and chitika revenue. This site is Its a pretty easy to use platform and operates in a similar way to snipsly except it shares more revenue due to sharing an extra advertisers impressions.

    Both these sites also allow dofollow links aswell.


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