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There have been several queries on Google for free online Television (TV). Ofcourse this requires very good internet connection, but most people have it these days.

You could find several websites that can provide Online TV experience. Most of them are paid and those that are free may not provide you a smooth interface. Paying for the service should not be a problem, unless you are dead sure that the service you are paying for is worth all those bucks.

At this point I would be pleased to introduce you to a site that gives you a convenient user interface, almost umpteen live channels across the globe and all this for no cost to you (except your internet usage charge if you incur any).

Visit the site Here and follow the simple steps below.
1) Create your free account and login to the site.
2) Select your Country and your favorite genre from the list

3) You will require to download and install a browser plugin - SopCast.
4) For now, SopCast only works with Internet Explorer (IE), so make sure you use this browser.
5) Now before you proceed to the channel, the application will require access to your Facebook.
If you are fine with this, it seems a small price to keep the service free.

Once all the above things are in place, you can access the requested channel.

The buffering time depends on the broadcaster and your net speed. It may vary on external factors. The difference in time between online channels and the channels you actually see on Television may vary at a range of few minutes to few hours depending on server time. So just relax and enjoy your online TV experience.

My overall rating to this service would be 4 out of 5. Try it yourself and let me know how it works for you.

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