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> Dofollow blogs and social bookmarking list

As you all know, when it comes to building backlinks, Dofollow blogs are one of the best available options.

For those who do not know, Dofollow blogs are just regular blogs that allow most of their content to be crawled and index by search engines, this may also includes user links and comments.
In other words, if you post comments with your links; on dofollow blogs, then the same maybe crawled and index by search engines.

Your benefits:
> You get number of free backlinks
> There is no reciprocal link required
> Your PR could gradually increase, thus increasing site traffic.

Now that you are clear with the concept, here is the list of some Dofollow blogs and Social Bookmarking sites. Do not spam the list as that will not help you in the long run. (links published inside stories are do follow)



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