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> How does Google AdWords really work?

Ever came across a day when you felt you've messed up your Google Adwords budget, losing a lot of your personal or company bucks? Ever felt the pain to see a hugh sum being debited from your Adwords account with least conversions through your campaigns?

This usually happens when you jump into the Google Adwords pool without much knowledge on what to do next. If you still wish to overcoming your anxiety and continue experimenting with Google Adwords, here is something interesting for you.

> Rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH I589

I've been using Samsung Galaxy Aces Duos for some time now. Its a nice comfortable phone but whatever features it had did not interest me much. The main reason to this was not being able to root the phone. I read almost all available forums, blogs related to this but there was no specific information available. I then

> List of User Agent Strings

Since you are here searching for useragent (UA) strings, I take the privilege to consider that you already know about user agents, what they do and how to change them. For those who don't, I would like to give a very short layman definition for same. Useragent is nothing but a string in your browser containing details about your operating system, browser type and browser version.