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> Stop your PC from locking or going to sleep

There are instances where you actually don't want your computer to sleep or throw up a screen-saver. It may be while watching a movie on your PC or while running some applications (like some browser scripts or PC scans) which work fine when your machine is active.

If you are very good with computers, you may find a solution within your system settings. But if you don't want to get into all this, there is a simpler solution.

Just download "Caffeine"

Caffeine will keep your system awake. It works by simulating a keypress once every 59 seconds, so your machine thinks you're still working at the keyboard, and won't lock the screen or activate the screensaver. It's that easy.

Caffeine is a small application that runs in your system tray. It's the leftmost icon, as seen in the image below.

Double clicking the icon will enable or disable the application.

You can download Caffeine Here

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