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> Manage Twitter more efficiently

As you know, Twitter has become a great marketing tool these days. The more followers you have on Twitter, the more popular are your Tweets and that means you get more exposure to your content.

But with all these good points there is also a lot to manage. With so many followers and so many that you follow, you may tend to miss out some important tweets.

This is where you start searching some tools that can automate certain things for you and you could get more control of your Twitter.

There are lot of tools available to work around with. My favorite is ManageTwitter. I use it very often.

ManageTwitter is an Account Management tool that takes care of all your Followers in your account.
> It cleans up and manages who you follow.
> It finds out who isn't following you back.
> It finds out which inactive accounts you follow.
> It easily searches inside your Twitter stream.

Using this tool will reduce lot of your manual work. You can reach the site HERE.


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