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> My favorite Image/Video viewer

Cooliris: While browsing, I came across this site in mid Feb and some how i'm still holding on to it. It's become one of my favorites now...and I visit it too often.
I would try and summarize some of its coolest features so it becomes easier to check it out.

> Firstly....As soon as you visit the site, it recognises your browser and prompts you to download a related cooliris plug-in. This is required for the application to work properly
> All major browsers are supported. Incase if you don't get the prompt, you could check and download the plug-in here
> Once your plugin is downloaded you will see a small icon on images from certain sites you visit.

> When you click this icon, you will be taken to cooliris site. There will be a wall displayed with your image and all related images from the site :)
> A small video below, will explain how the content will appear.

> Cooliris is an online application that can Search, Run a Slide Show and Play all your Photos, Videos and some Games.
> To start can Search images/videos from various sites like..Google, Bing, Flickr, Picasa, Youtube and many more.
> You can also perform search on you local Hard'nt that cool?
> The Wall can be customized as required.

The above feature will give you a general idea of what Cooliris is all about. Check out the site and you will find some more great things that are visually soothing than just reading it out here :)

If you come across some more cool features from this site that I may have missed, pls write it in the comment.

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