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> Trick to Lock Desktop Icons in place

If you are a person who is fond of changing your Desktop wallpaper quite often, you would love this trick. This trick will help you arrange and lock your Desktop icons to suit your wallpaper.

Lets say, you've arranged your desktop icons to look well with your new wallpaper. Someone happens to mess up with this arrangement. Now you have to redo the entire customization. To avoid this mess, you can lock the icons so you dont have to repeat the arrangement.

Locking your icons:
To lock your desktop icons, first arrange them carefully the way you want them to be, then open up the registry editor (Start > Run > regedit)

In the Left pane go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer.

Right-click in the right pane, select New > DWORD Value name NoSaveSettings and press the Enter key. Right-click on the new NoSaveSettings item and select Modify. Enter 1 in the Value data box.

Once you've done this, whenever you restart Windows, your icons will return to their current state.

> Secret codes for China Mobiles

Here is a consolidated list of secret codes that can come handy, if you are an owner of a China Phone

The following codes work with most China Phones like GFive, Alkatel, Sigmatel, Carboonn and many more.

–Default user code : 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
–Engineer mode : *#110*01#
–Factory mode : *#987#
–Enable COM port : *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200
–Restore factory settings : *#987*99#
–LCD contrast : *#369#
–Software version : *#800#
–Software version : *#900#
–Set default language : *#0000# Send
–Set English language : *#0044# Send
–Set English language (new firmware) : *#001# Send

> Rename Start button in Windows

As soon as you are allotted a desktop/laptop or if you've bought a system for yourself, the first thing you wish to do is to customize it. This may include, putting up a personal wallpaper or screensaver, creating Personal drives, folders with your name etc., and why shouldn't you? makes you feel an owner of the system and gives you a comfort level..

Here i'm going to discuss a trick that can change the text on the Start Button to any name you like.

To start with, Download a software called Resource Hacker. Its a 541kb zip archive that can be easily downloaded and installed. You will get the links below.

Download Link1
Download Link2

Resource Hacker is a free software where you can to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows resource and executable files (*.res). It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and de-compiler that works for Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2000 and WinXP operating systems.

Step 1: Before making any changes, pls consider creating backup copy of the file explorer.exe located at C:\Windows\explorer and place it in a safe location. This is a good practice. Now start Resource Hacker and open explorer.exe located at C:\Windows\explorer.exe.
The category we are going to edit is String Table In Resource Hacker. Expand it by clicking the plus (+) sign then navigate down and expand string 37 followed by highlighting 1033. If you a non WinXP Layout, use number 38. The right hand pane will display the string table. We’re will modify item 578, currently showing the word “start” just as it displays on the current Start button.

Here you would need to rename the word "start" with whatever text you wish to display. Pls note the, quotation makes should accompany the new word that you type

Step 2: Now that you are through with Step 1, you need to modify your registry so that the new file you created is recognized by your system. There is nothing hard in here, just keep following.

Since you are on this page and are taking such efforts, I assume that you are familiar with editing registry. Just to brush up, go to Start > Run and type regedit and hit enter.
Now Navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Winlogon

On the Right pane, double click the Shell entry to open the Edit String dialog box. In Value data: line, enter the name that was used to save the modified explorer.exe file and Click "OK"

Close Registry Editor and Reboot your system for effects to take place. If you've done everything mentioned above, you should see a new name for your Start button.

> Auto Directory Submission

Directory submission is a very helpful SEO practice that builds up quality backlinks, ensures indexing in popular search engines and finally gets a long lasting traffic.

Its very easy submiting your site to a single directory and hardly takes time, but the same thing feels a task when submitting to thousands of available directories , where filling up forms and selecting categories for your site is time consuming. This is where people start searching for automated systems that take care of their submissions.

There are several softwares and Desktop applications that involve auto submission, but most of them are pretty complicated to figure out, some don’t work as expected or some just crash half the time.

Recently came across an online resource thats robust and quite accurate in whats it meant for....Auto Directory Submission

The system is very simple to understand and the best part is, its Online.

>Once you've created your account, login to the system
>Fill in all your site related details
>Save your settings
>Now you can visit the Directory list
>Your details would be auto filled for you. You just need to hit "Submit"

Check out the system overview below:

Its that simple :)

You can visit the site HERE

> Lock Windows Folder

Do you store Personal files on a general resource, like your Office or your friends PC? Do you always worry about your privacy?
Then I'm sure you'd always be thinking about protecting the Personal content from unwated eyes.

There are many softwares that people use to lock or hide their Personal files. But here is a trick that can safely lock all your files or folders without any external softwares. Heres how you can do it.

Lets say, you wish to lock a folder named "Personal" in C:\ drive such that the folder path is C:\Personal

In the C:\ drive create a text file and type

ren Personal Personal.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

Now save this text file as Lock.bat.

Now create one more text file and type

ren Personal.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} Personal

Save this text file as Key.bat

Now you will see 2 batch files Lock.bat and Key.bat.

Opening Lock.bat will change your Personal folder to a Control Panel icon and will redirect you there. You will not be able to view the folder content.

Opening Key.bat will revert the changes and you'll see the original folder again.

Try it yourself :)

1) Once you create the 2 batch files, keep the Key.bat in a separate folder so no one can use it.
2) Even if you lose the file, you can recreate the same, if you know the name of your Hidden Folder.
3) If you wish to hide multiple folders, you can use the same batch file. Just insert a new line and repeat the code. Each line represents a new Folder name.

> Crazy Browser Pranks

These crazy browser pranks will just blow your mind and if played on unsuspecting friends can give some best reactions...
Just came across these funny codes that make your Web Browsers go crazy
Check them out

Copy the javascript code mentioned below and paste it in your Browser Address bar.


Press enter and watch an unusual behavior in your Browser window. You can change the value of "i" if you wish to. Don't worry, this is no Virus that you need to be scared of.
Have Fun :)

> Setting up Gtalk Autoreply

If you've reached here searching for a free Gtalk Bot that auto replies for you, then you're at the right place.

Now you can Setup an auto responder for your gtalk messenger with a free application called Gtalk Autoreply. This software lets you set up a custom message and send automated reply to your friends in Gtalk.

Gtalk Autoreply can come very handy while you are busy in office or away from your system or just want some of your friends to know your status message when they ping you. You can pre-configure this application with auto replies so that when someone pings you on gtalk, this app will automatically respond to your friend with the automated reply from your gtalk messenger.

Gtalk Autoreply uses Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) inorder to send automated replies.

Setting up Gtalk Autoreply

All you need to do is Download the application and login to it using your google User ID and Password.
Once you've logged in, type a custom message that you wish to display (as replay) when someone messages you on gtalk.
Save and Enable Autoreply.

You can Download Gtalk Autoreply HERE.
Run setup.exe

Alternate Link HERE