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There may be instances where we need to know details for a Mobile number. It may be tracing a location for a blank call or knowing details for an advertiser who continuously spams us with calls or messages or it may just be our curiosity.

I recently came across a site that enables us to trace any Mobile number in India.
Once we enter a 10 digit mobile number, the site returns data for the Mobile network operator, the type of service and it's location in India. The system is working hard to trace Mobile Operators on District and Town level as well. We may expect this feature soon.

Apart from number tracking, the site also tracks Bulk SMS sender.

We usually get promotional/informational sms from organizations link Banks, Mobile Services, Trading services etc. These organizations do not disclose their numbers. What we see is some typical codes like TA-ICICIBNK,AD-Orange...etc. Thanks to this wonderful service, we can now decode this and get details on the sender and the location of the sender.

There are few more services that add to the bouquet.

You can trace:

> Vehicle Numbers
> Pincodes
> IP addresses
> WHOIS record

Check the site HERE


  1. which site z helping to trace the mob. no?

  2. Hi Rinka, I've mentioned the site URL in the post above. Thanks for writing.

  3. Thanks dear you are doing great job, knowledge sharing, keep it up, i hope more things can be learned thru you.

  4. how is B.Sc in Computer ? i hope to study, ist having good future, pls advice me

  5. Hey, thanks for your comments guys. It would be great to interact, if your posts are not Anonymous :)

  6. i cant locate d site's name
    pls help

  7. Thanks for the feedback. Pls chk the last line in the post.

  8. You can also Trace Any Unknown Mobile Number from .You can get all basic information about any Indian mobile Number.

  9. It is really very helpful........
    u r doing really a great job......hats off
    would u plz tell me is their any site for knowing about the owner of mobile no,

  10. Thanks for the feedback. Knowing the owners mobile number is not possible at the moment since its illegal to disclose personal identity without permission. Thats the reason most sites hide such personal data from search engines to keep it private.

  11. anybody tell me plz how i can find the acctual mob. locataion atleast distric level....plz plz

  12. Hi Som, with the advent of mobiles, sharing personal information on net becomes a risk factor. You will not get any such information online. Tracking the exact location for a person to district level comes in category: Personal.


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