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> Use your Symbian phone as Webcam for free

The idea of a portable Webcam sounds great right? Here is a software that takes care of this.

If you own a Symbian phone (series 60) with a camera and bluetooth, then you can convert it into a webcam. There may be various software available for this, but my recommendation would be SmartCam since its free yet fully functional. SmartCam is a program that forms a communication link between your phone camera and your laptop/desktop.

All you need is:

> A Symbian mobile phone with camera and bluetooth enabled.
> A laptop or a desktop with bluetooth device.
> Windows or Linux OS

SmartCam has 2 components. Install one on your PC and the other on your phone.
Once you install the program, run it from your mobile to connect with your PC. You should now be able to see images from your phone camera on your PC.
This can also be used in your messenger services like yahoo or msn.

Download SmartCam

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