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Here is a list of some useful websites, some of which I use every alternate day and the best part is it's all FREE.

1. Sumo Paint – If you are creative enough to start a drawing on your own, but feel that MSpaint lacks big time, then Sumo Paint is meant for you. It has some super cool features that can enhance your creation. Just try it to feel the difference.

2. Zamzar – If you come across a file that your system won't read, just point your web browser to Zamzar. It's an online file converter and can convert most files from one format to another. Everything is handled online, you need not download anything.

3. Spypig – This tool is useful for email marketing. It tracks emails and sends you a notification as soon as someone opens your mail. SpyPig is tested with web based mail programs (like Gmail, Yahoo) and it also works with desktop mail clients like Outlook and Thunderbird.

4. – As the name suggests, it works similar to Adobe Photoshop. Its free and requires no installation. Once you register you get 2GB of storage space for saving your snaps online. If you have a Windows mobile, you can also access the mobile version of the site.

5. Skydrive – If 25 GB online space and 50 MB limit per file upload is enough for you, Skydrive is the right option. It's a Microsoft product where you can store files, photos and documents online. Your files could be stored here forever and the service is free.

6. Joongel – This is a search engine where you won't miss a thing. From General to Specific, from Images to Torrents, from Music to Videos and the list goes on. It's all under one Roof. Even if Google misses something, Joongel won't. A very simple interface lets you customize your searches. Check it out to believe.

7. Wakoopa – It's a desktop utility which tracks your system for softwares that you commonly use and communicates the same within you social circle. This increases intercation and you get suggestions on some more similar softwares.

8. Truveo – This search engine from AOL lets you find and play videos from all video sharing sites like  YouTube,, Metacafe, MySpace and more. Truveo also indexes videos from some content rich sites related to news and entertainment.

9. RescueTime – This site works in the background and helps you understand how you spend your time on the computer and the Internet.

10. – This site communicates with most Blogging and Social network sites and saves you lot of time and effort. It lets you interact with these sites through SMS, IM clients, Desktop Application or just Email. One message to and your current status will be updated across all the social networks.

11. Animoto – Sharing your photos as Slideshow can be boring somethimes. A more interesting option would be converting your photos to videos. Animoto turns your pictures into videos with some awesome effects. The final result is produced in widescreen format and the quality is great.

12. Meebo – This site is a home for multiple IM clients. Just one site lets you connect with friends on Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and some other popular IM clients. All this without any downloads.

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