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> Saving Flash in IE & Firefox

Many times, we come across some good animated sites, some cool games or some nice greeting cards all made in flash. If you again wish to access this content later, you probably go online, follow the same route & get to the content. You won't have to do all this if you follow some simple steps. The best part is, you can also download some online flash games to be played offline :)

As soon as you visit a site, most or all of the site content gets saved on your system cache memory. This memory can then be accessed according to your need.

For Internet Explorer users: (also for Opera users)
1. Play the complete flash file online.
2. Under 'Tools' menu click 'Internet Options' and then 'General' Tab. Under "Browsing History" or "Temporary Internet Files" click Settings
3. Once you hit "Settings", it opens a new popup.
4. Here click "View files" to open your temporary internet files folder. Every file you opened through your browser is saved here (by default)
5. If you see large icons, the folder may be on "Thumbnails" view. Change the folder to "Details" view.
6. Right click & arrange icons by "Internet Address"
7. Once you find the required flash file, Copy it. Then paste it anywhere to access it later
8. The file will be available offline.

For Fiefox users:
1. Play the complete flash file online.
2. On your Firefox go to "Tools" menu then "Page Info". Here click on "Media Tab".
3. The media tab has a complete list (with preview) of Images, Shockwave Flash files that were downloaded by your browser.
4. Scroll down the list and locate your required swf file.
5. Click the "Save As" button to save the file on our system.
6. So this file can be accessed offline.

If you further wish to reduce your above efforts, just consider installing the flash saving plugins. Plugins are small utilities that reside in your browser & can make your task easy.

Download Plugin for Firefox
Download Plugin for IE

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