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> Notepad Trick

Many of you would probably know it. For those who dont, quickly open your notepad.

Type the phrase "bush hid the facts"
Do not press enter
Save the file.
Open the file & see whats written.

Surprised!!! .....LOL

Reason: There is no magic in the above phrase. This trick will mostly work with combination 4 - 3 - 3 - 5 letters. (bush has 4 letters, hid has 3 letters and so on). It happens due to some conflict in chinese & english encoding for text.
In simple words.....there are several encodings available but unfortunately for chinese & english encoders there are certain things common. Since notepad analyses any text file as a combination of bytes, it fails to encode the combination and gives out a garbage value.

This error is not observed if:
1) The system has the required encoder OR
2) The text is longer, so that it's easier for Notepad to judge which encoder to be used.

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