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> Change Gtalk status to Idle

Once you log in to Gtalk, there is no way you can go invisible to others. Even if this is a major drawback for gtalk, its popularity is not affected. Google may come out with a solution to this later, but for now we will try an alternate means to solve this issue.

Gtalk monitors your activity on your PC & if you are inactive for a long time, it sets your Gtalk status to "Idle".
Since almost everyone is familiar with Gtalk now, it's much likely that they will not disturb you, if your status shows "Idle".

Let’s say if you are busy with some important work & wish to communicate only with a few people from your gtalk list. You will probably want to change your Gtalk status to “Idle” so that others won’t disturb you. This is possible with a small utility called “galwaysidle”.

Galwaysidle: - Once installed will create 3 new options for the system tray gtalk icon.

As the name suggests:
1) Normal Idle: This will work the same way as you currently use it.
2) Always Idle: You can keep working & your gtalk status will be shown Idle to all
3) Never Idle: Your status will always show “Available” to everyone.

Download GAlwaysIdle

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