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> Multiple gtalk logins

Do you wish to use multiple gtalk IDs to chat with seperate Work groups? If yes, then this is trick for you. Its very simple & you won't need to download anything.

Requiremet: Gtalk installed on your windows system :)

1) Go to Start Menu > All Programs & locate Google Talk
2) Right click on the Icon.....Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)
3) On the desktop shortcut, right click & hit Properties

4) Once the Properties window pops up, you'll need to modify Target location
5) Add text "/nomutex" after the location
eg: You will see something like "C:\Program Files\...\googletalk.exe"
Change it to "C:\Program Files\...\googletalk.exe" /nomutex
6) Add a space before the new word, else the system will not accept the change.
7) Once done, you are all set
8) Click on the desktop icon & login with all your gtalk IDs :)

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