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> Move/Copy files faster in Windows.

Just imagine, if one day you wish to copy large files like movies/games or even more, you have to take a backup of your system in your hard drive or other PC/Laptop. You should see your face when you notice the speed at which the files are being copied/moved :)
To add to this, if you're almost at the end of your task & there is an adamant file which snubs to be copied....most probably, you will need to start all over again.

Reason:-  In Windows, a standard copy/move function uses a complex algorithm, which is fine if you are copying/moving smaller files, but it slows down the process for large files.

Solution:-  There are several software that can make your job easier. I've listed some of them below.
1) TeraCopy (Personal Favorite)
2) Talent Copy
3) Copy Handler
4) Super Copy
5) Fast Copy

Each of these software almost have similar features(+/-)
1) small file size
2) compact design
3) Pause/Resume feature
4) Skip files & continue
5) Provide logs....etc

I've tried all these software but my personal recommendation will be TeraCopy.

Even now I use it as my default copy manager. It has a simple interface, easy to understand. Copy/Move speed reaches around 14 - 25 MB/s (May increase or decrease according to system in use). It also has a portable version, which can be induced in Pen/flash drive or external HD.

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