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> Rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH I589

I've been using Samsung Galaxy Aces Duos for some time now. Its a nice comfortable phone but whatever features it had did not interest me much. The main reason to this was not being able to root the phone. I read almost all available forums, blogs related to this but there was no specific information available. I then

randomly downloaded root files from several sites across web. Tested each of these files. While some terminated abruptly, some files gave errors like "Unable to get shell root". It was more than frustrating, not to be able to root my device. Earlier I had used applications like "Superoneclick" and "Unlock Root" etc. to root my earlier handset (Samsung Galaxy Pop SCH-I559) with ease. Even these had failed to root my new phone.

After all these trials and error, I finally succeeded in rooting my Samsung Ace Duos. If you think I used files related to Samsung Galaxy Ace, you are wrong. Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos has different features all together. Even if the name sounds similar, nothing seemed common between the 2.

Here is a quick method on what I did to make it work.

Do backup all your content before you proceed and pls dont blame me if anything goes wrong as you are the one who wants to try it. Just a word of caution incase :)

The files I used are meant for GT-S6102 ( GALAXY Y DUOS), but worked well for Ace Duos

How To :
1. Download & copy the below attached "" to the root of your sdcard.
2. Turn off your phone.
3. Press & hold (Power + Volume down + Home) keys & release when the phone starts in recovery mode.
4. In recovery mode, the screen select "select from sdcard".

Remember in recovery touchscreen will not work use volume up down & home keys.

5. Select "".
6. Yes
7. Done

Similarly to Remove Root Access

1. Uninstall all [Root] apps.
2. Download ""
3. Do as directed above..
4. This time select
Busybox remover Added

Caution : Both files are related to each other, If rooted with "" from here then only use ""



If you do try it, pls write back mentioning your feedback and comments. Thanks.


  1. Thanx Man........this is the best tutorial i've ever came through......rooted my sch-i589 instantly. I've came through many other forums saying to use unlockroot and superonclick, one forum even said the process of which you mentioned above,but the tutorial was not very clear.And i was about to throw my sch i589 when your tutorial came like an angel for my android. Thanx're superb!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback AdilDSW. Highly appreciate it.

  3. I have new Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH I589, i tried very hard to get net accessibility on this set, unfortunetly i didn't find it's seting to go ahead, top up plan has been done but service provider is unable to sen setting.

    Please suggest me.

    chander khatri

  4. Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH I589 does not support internet on the secondary GSM card. The primary number is CDMA and net is accessible on that.

  5. hey buddyi mnot able to get in recovery mode please help


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