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> Best Real time Site Data Tracking and Analysis

Track your website or blog traffic in real time with a unique, user friendly analytic software that can be instantly implemented and which starts showing up results the very moment. If you are here, it clearly indicates that you want the best website data tracking software for your site and this is it. Now you need not wait to take action if something is not performing for you. Check your site stats and instantly take your decision to make required changes to your site.

This is the power I'm talking about. There may be several analytic programs available on net, but most of them lack a unique feature that gives you in-depth data on your site as its happening. Real-Time tracking is the key these days.
If you master this there is no looking back. It takes around 30 seconds to create your account. Once you log in, just pick up your code and insert it in your site. Simple, isn't it?

As a webmaster, I'm sure you must have done a lot of campaigning to get traffic to your site, but whats the use, if you cannot see its results on the go. Won't it be good if you know that a certain keyword is getting you more traffic at this moment and you could target the keyword or focus your efforts on that keyword to gain optimum traffic through it. Sure you'd love that if it happens, won't you? I know you would. Everyone does including me. To be very transparent about it, I've put my account screenshot below. I've done this because I'm confident about the software. It's that impressive.

If you notice, as soon as you log in to the interface you see the present days stats. This includes the visitors that are currently on the site, the total visitors for the day that have visited the site and even the actions taken by them. This is really cool as it not only gives you the visitor stats but also a glimpse of what they are doing once they come on your domain. Check out the Incoming and outgoing links, the recent performing pages and the search queries that brought you visitors. The more you explore the more you learn about this super cool system. There is lots and lots of it that makes it stand out in crowd.

Since I use it myself, I'd be generous enough to share this system with you. Why shouldn't you get to try it.
Go ahead grab your account at Clicky Web Analytics


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