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> Setting up Gtalk Autoreply

If you've reached here searching for a free Gtalk Bot that auto replies for you, then you're at the right place.

Now you can Setup an auto responder for your gtalk messenger with a free application called Gtalk Autoreply. This software lets you set up a custom message and send automated reply to your friends in Gtalk.

Gtalk Autoreply can come very handy while you are busy in office or away from your system or just want some of your friends to know your status message when they ping you. You can pre-configure this application with auto replies so that when someone pings you on gtalk, this app will automatically respond to your friend with the automated reply from your gtalk messenger.

Gtalk Autoreply uses Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) inorder to send automated replies.

Setting up Gtalk Autoreply

All you need to do is Download the application and login to it using your google User ID and Password.
Once you've logged in, type a custom message that you wish to display (as replay) when someone messages you on gtalk.
Save and Enable Autoreply.

You can Download Gtalk Autoreply HERE.
Run setup.exe

Alternate Link HERE

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