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> Fuel management (Petrol, Diesel, CNG and more...)

Fuel (Petrol, Diesel, CNG etc...) is on high and its constantly shooting up on the rate chart. Prices are increasing month on month and every commuter is facing the consequences.

Here are few set of questions you may have in mind while you decide to travel.

1) I want to know- How much I will be spending on Petrol/Diesel/CNG with the recent fuel price Change?

2) I am planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai / I am planning a family outing to Shimla from Delhi. How much will I be spending on Petrol/Diesel/CNG?

3) How much should I allocate for my Petrol/Diesel/CNG expenses this month/year?

Recent Price Chart:

There is a FREE service that answers all the above questions. It also gives you a detailed route map of your daily office travel or weekend family trip. You can also change the default-route as per the suggested map to avoid traffic and save some fuel. Using this service may help you manage your fuel budget better.

A tiny sigh of relief maybe :)

It also has some great services like Fuel Hike Chart, Petrol Price Map, Car Rental Calculator, Travel Time Calculator, Distance Calculator and Travel Planner.

Check out the site Here


  1. I read your whole post and i would like to say that you provide some great info to us thanks for sharing this useful info about fuel management..!!

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  2. Correct....This cart shows how fast fuel increase.It's sad to know that fuel will suffer us in terms of financial needed.

  3. Really nice and informative analysis done! It shows that in short period of time we are facing the big difference in fuel price. Each one among us is aware of the increasing price range for fuel in India, but unfortunately nothing can be done to keep this in control.

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