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Directory submission is a very helpful SEO practice that builds up quality backlinks, ensures indexing in popular search engines and finally gets a long lasting traffic.

Its very easy submiting your site to a single directory and hardly takes time, but the same thing feels a task when submitting to thousands of available directories , where filling up forms and selecting categories for your site is time consuming. This is where people start searching for automated systems that take care of their submissions.

There are several softwares and Desktop applications that involve auto submission, but most of them are pretty complicated to figure out, some don’t work as expected or some just crash half the time.

Recently came across an online resource thats robust and quite accurate in whats it meant for....Auto Directory Submission

The system is very simple to understand and the best part is, its Online.

>Once you've created your account, login to the system
>Fill in all your site related details
>Save your settings
>Now you can visit the Directory list
>Your details would be auto filled for you. You just need to hit "Submit"

Check out the system overview below:

Its that simple :)

You can visit the site HERE

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