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This site i'm talking about may not be the best web site, but its surely one of the best wap sites i've come across. It can keep you sticking around for a long long time. Best of the free stuff all available here.

Free downloads, Live Chat, Open World Chat, Blogs, Forums, Dating, Some cool web services, Social Networking, Fun zone and the best of all a WapXchanger. All this under one roof.

The site is well managed and has a flow of fresh content on a regular basis. Once you are on this site, its so addictive that it can easily take up few hours of your time. You just tend to keep coming back for more.

The thing that makes this site stand out from the rest is the user uploaded content. There is a vast user database that keep uploading their stuff. It may contain all sorts of file types, be it video, pictures, softwares and applications, games and much more. Most of which is sorted in accordance with your phone type/model.
Free to download and share.

The web version of the site enables you to upload your content and the wap version allows you to download it to you mobile. Endless possibilities.

You can access the web version of the site HERE or just visit from any of your mobile devices.

Happy Surfing :)


  1. thanks admin about this good info . specially " Once you are on this site"

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  2. Hey thanks for your comment :) Keep in touch


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