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Just before connecting to internet, I have a long to-do list. I have to check a lot of sites, reply to some messages, check mails, play games and much much more. Not being a person who lists down such points, once connected to internet I am left thinking what next.

Only if I had a consolidated list of sites divided systematically into categories, it would make my life easier.

I knew there were nice people out there who already had such ideas, and had created a list somewhere, but where do I start searching for? Coz where ever I begin from, there are "n" number of pages popping up.

My search continued till yesterday when I happened to check an archived folder in an old mailbox.

Wow...There it was. That's the mail I was searching for.
A well formatted list of websites that are systematically divided into sub-categories.

It basically covers all major categories from Legal to Jobs...from Cricket to Contests...from Entertainment to Shopping and these are just a few.

I really would not like to misplace this file again, hence noting it down ;)
You can access the file HERE

If you feel, the list (excel sheet) should have some amended site names, do let me know viz comments...Have Fun :)


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