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4.95 USD or 232.993 Indian Rupees is all that it takes to own an online space of your own. Your own online world where you can create your personal/business pages, store unlimited files, a professional website...possibilities can go on. All this and much more for a price of 1 time combo meal, isn't that great?

To be frank, I myself never believed in paying for some service that I can get free online. I was forced to change this thought when I uploaded a well structured site on a free host and it just doomed one morning. The browser did not respond to my site URL and there was this a big "Page cannot be displayed" error on screen.

The portion that I had manually backup up stayed with me, rest was all gone.

This is when I started reviewing all available paid hosts. Services were almost similar but did not turn to be cost effective. I wanted maximum in my economical budget. After a lot of research, I finalized one. - Web Hosting

Its one of the best in market. An all unlimited featured service that stands out in its competition.

Some of its key features being
* UNLIMITED Disk Space
* UNLIMITED Bandwidth
* No Ads
* E-Mail/Ticket Support
* PHP Sendmail
* Unlimited File Types
* 35 + One Click Installs, Including Wordpress.
* Much, Much, More!

All this at a price of a days meal ;) Isn't that affordable. Now thats a great deal. - Web Hosting

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