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> Mini Browsers For Mobiles Devices

As we move towards Future, wireless technology slowly takes over the wired age. People like to go mobile with hand held devices that are capable of accessing internet through GPRS, Wi-Fi etc. Without the need to carry bulky laptops around, you can connect to the world on the go. Just an internet connection and a web browser is all you need.

With all the advancements, people ask for more, hence companies constantly work on their web browsers to come up with an advanced version.

If you are currently not satisfied with your mobile browser or wish to experiment with new browsers, here is a list of mini browsers that you should try.

Opera Mini: This is my first choice. Its popular and one of the best. There are several versions to suit you mobile device. Most recent cell phones already have this preinstalled. It has a superb compression, smooth scrolling, its extremely fast and able to play online video. These are few cool features that make the latest version of Opera Mini even better than before. It’s available for free on the Opera Mini Download Page or directly from a cellphones.

UCWEB Mobile Browser: This browser is very popular in China. Its freely available for Java and Symbian phones. The most noticable features of this browser is the Password manager and the Tabbed browsing.
Some other common features being
1)Advanced search function with a support for various search engines and the ability to sort results.
2)Email service that supports many online mailboxes and different types of attachment formats.
3)A cool Download interface for better download control.
4)Personal data synchronization between phone, web and PC.
You can downoad the browser HERE

Fennec browser: Fennec is a Mozilla product so using this is like using firefox browser on Mobile. It's still in Alpha and is only available in some selected mobile devices, however anybody can test this browser free on your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux). Just visit the download site.
Some obvious traits for Fennec are:
>Bookmarking with tags.
>Using smart URL Bar with integrated built-in search.
>Tabbed browsing with image thumbnails and page zoom in feature.
>Password manager and the ability to clear private data.
>Built in Pop-up blocker.


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