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> Best Tips to Quickly Earn With Adsense

I would like to share some quick tips to earn with AdSense. These tips are especially for beginners to start with. If you are an advanced user, you may get some random ideas to enhance your experience with Adsense.

What is important with adsense:

- Traffic (from search engines, ie Google.)
- Good positioning of ads (to get the
best rate of clicks you can)
- Target non-technical people (because they are more likely to click on ads)
- Objective related content over time.


- For high traffic you need to produce content for the masses, ie children, women, the elderly, all non technical people, male, female etc. who access Internet.
- For the placement of ads you need to put them in location where you want to find them if they were yours, and the site belonged to someone else. Read the line again.
- If you want to reach non-technical audience, stop talking about computers or internet; flash games, desktop screensavers and wallpapers, useless money making sites, etc.
- Use Non-time related content, which is required throughout the year.

Example of content for the masses:

1) A printable web calender.
2) Printable cards, greetings etc which are being searched and downloaded throughout the year.
3) Music, Drawing etc. Whatever you have created so you dont break any copywrite law.

Once you have created this content, you can vigorously promote it to generate good traffic with this method, you should expect several thousand visitors per day

As I mentioned earlier, non-tech audience is more likely to click on your ads, so if you have 1000's of them on your site, imaging the amount of clicks you could get

How much time does it require to get a site up and running:

The above method will not work wonders in a fortnight. You will need to wait several weeks / months before you start seeing results.
Once your site is created, do some light SEO such as link posting to other sites, forums, social bookmarking, modifying site content to accomodate good keywords etc.

I hope these tips are useful for you.
Stop wasting your time by making mistakes that beginners always do. A non technical content thats searched throughout the year is a key element to monetize your site.
Refer Visit2Web to see my efforts of creating a non-tech blog.

To know what most people are looking for you can use Google Trends. This tool is free to use and will give you a recent search trend on topics you could use for your site.

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