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Everyone wants to make part time money online and this is the perfect place to start earning that extra income. Since its an educational site, its sure to last for a very very long time.
This is a very special post for every Indian who is searching to make money online. You will really like it once you read it all. Please let me know your comments after the end of this post.

Do you think it is easy to make money online for Indian Students or People searching for Online Part Time work without any Investment? If no, then you are wrong. Now you can make enough money online if you are an Indian. There is No selling. No Initial fees or any such thing. Everything is free. The only requirement is, you need to spend few hours daily on this website and share your knowledge.

Indiastudychannel is the best educational website in India which gives a chance to make money by submitting information’s related to education or sharing your knowledge in this website by participating in different sections like Articles, Forums, Ask questions and much more. There are two ways by which you can make money if you serious about earning.

1) They will give you cash credit on good contribution made by you on almost every section and

2) You can also make money by Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program.

If you are new to Google Adsense Program please read on:
Google Adsense is a platform for all website owners to make extra money by showing third party advertisement on their websites. Even if you don’t have your own website, you can still make money by Google Adsense. Firstly, you will have to contribute well in Indiastudychannel and after a certain period of time Indiastudychannel helps you to apply for Google Adsense Program. Once your account is approved, you will start making money from your contributions.

Indiastudychannel will start showing Google Adsense automatically to all your contents posted till date. If you have written a great content you may receive lot of visitors from search engines. if they click your adsense ads, you will start making money from Adsense account too.

Those who already hold an adsense account have an additional benefit of earning from day 1. You can start making money from the first day itself.

Ways to Make Money Online Using This Program.

Following are the ways that will directly give you cash earning apart from Google Adsense Earning. Google Earning will be Paid by Google every month once your minimum account balance reaches $100.

1. You can Earn By Posting Admission News Related to Colleges.
2. If you are good in writing articles then you can write articles and make additional money. You can earn Rs1-Rs150 per articles based on your Article's Quality. I have seen members earning Rs. 120 per Articles.
3. Earn by Participating in Monthly Contest: Every month they run different kind of Contests. You can participate and win to make more money.
4. If you are an expert in a particular area then go to ask expert section and start giving your expert answers/opinions to the questions asked by other users. You will get cash credit for every good response.
5. You can also submit course details in respective section to make money.
6. You can also Earn from Kontera Revenue Sharing Program.
7. Post Question Papers and make money.
8. Make Rs1-Rs500 Per friend referred by you depending on your referred friend’s membership level.

There are many more option to make more money online with Indiastudychannel. Just Register on ISC and start asking your doubts, if any, in forum section before you start working seriously. Read member's response to get genuine feedback.

Note: The site is strictly moderated and any infringement of policy will be dealt with account deletion, hence please read the Team and Conditions before you proceed.

Is Indiastudychannel a scam or fraud website??
Every user may have this doubt in their mind cause most Money making sites are fake and a pure waste of time. But Indiastudychannel is not a Money making site. It's an Educational site that builds it's content with the help of it's users and is grateful enough to pay back. You can earn enough money to keep your daily expense going. If you refer to the user comments on forums section, you'd quickly understand that the site is not fake and it does value its contributors.

IndiaStudyChannel Payment Proof
You have to earn minimum of Rs. 750 before you get your first payment. As a special case: If you are an active contributor after joining this website then you can also contact to the editor or webmaster of this website and they may send your payments once you have just earned Rs 500. You can visit the home page of this website and see the top 10 earners. Just imagine how much money they would be earning from Google Adsense Program.

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Why would I Recommend this Website to You
There is just one reason. You will recommend something only if you have got benefit from that. Since I see a solid potential of earning money here, I am recommending this website to all. I will never refer any website where I don’t have any experience with. I tried a lot many sites and they all turned me down. This site was something else. Since I've joined, I've been an active participant in this program and have benefited a lot from my referrals above and below me. Once you are a part of IndiaStudyChannel, you can contact me for any queries and I'd be glad to help you in whatever possible way. Click here to See My Profile.

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One more thing. Stick around on this website as there may not be any other website in India that pays more than this website in less time. You may find many Money making sites that promise to provide great income but they never pay when you contact them for payment. I've already faced this and would not want anyone else to suffer. Since you have reached here, you might be familiar with such frauds.


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