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> Edit Send To context menu in Windows

What do you do when you want to copy a file from a location to another folder?
You select the file. Copy it (CTRL+C). Open the destination folder and paste it (CTRL+V)

Wouldn't it be great if you could just right click the file and send it to the destination folder? You could save some valuable time doing this.
Here is a method, where you could customize the "SEND TO" function in your context menu (right click) to get desired results.

This is very simple and can be done in a minute.
Lets say you have a folder named "NF1" located somewhere in your computer. This is your personal folder and you wish to add it in "SEND TO" menu such that you could right click any file and hit SEND TO "NF1"

To begin with open windows explorer. From the main Menu select Tools > Folder Options > View > Show Hidden Files and Folders.
Once you've activated this goto C:\Documents and Settings\username\SendTo path

This is where you will add a shortcut to "NF1"

To create a shortcut, right click on "NF1" and click "Create Shortcut"

As mentioned earlier, Move this newly created shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\username\SendTo folder.

You can now rename this shortcut as per your convenience. This is all you need to do and your edited context menu is ready.

Now you can right click any file, click on "Send To" and select the shortcut to "NF1" that you just created. The file will be copied to the destination folder without much efforts.

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