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> Tips to get Google Adsense account approved in first attempt

This post will describe tips on how you can make desired changes to your site before submitting it to Google Adsense approval team. The changes mentioned in the post will ensure you have maximum chances for approval on your first attempt.

There was a time when applying to Google Adsense program was a piece of cake. There was less Online frauds and a very few Online Spam circulation, hence Google could afford letting all users in its system. Anyone with a blog or website could apply to Adsense and would be sure to have an approved account on their first try.

But things have changed now. To ensure high-quality Publishers AdWords advertisers, Google has made some changes to its approval process. Most people find these changes quite strict as the rate of rejection from Google has steadily increased.

Here I wish to list some simple steps to make the approval process an ease. Please read on to find the best practices to be followed so that Google likes you.

1) Its very important to get your site approved on the first attempt as its easier than to get approved on the 2nd attempt. For this, take care that you submit your site to Goolge only after it has sufficient good content on it. Goolge likes good ample content as search engines love it too.

2) Although there is certain information available on the net which can be copied, try to avoid this attempt as Google hates repeated content. Even if you wish to do it later, see to it that you avoid the step before your site is approved.

3) A self written content in your onw word, simple and easy to understand can be a best practice and can give you more chances for an approved account.

4) If you have to apply through some revenue sharing website, try to add your original photo to your profile. You can also add some genuine brief to your profile. This is a healthy practice and can add weight to you application.

5) Gmail IDs with your original name (Payee name that you would use in Adsense) may help your application. Avoid using nicknames.

6) Google team checks the age of your domain before approving it. A minimum of 6 months is expected. You can use this time to build some quality content for your site. More original and readable content, more are your chances for selection. Incase your account is dissapproved, atleast wait a month to reapply. If you apply earlier, there are more chances for rejection even without reviewing.

7) If the Google team fails to understand your Site navigation so will the users. This could cause the roadblock. While applying, also check for originality of contents, and broken links on your site. These factors will surely matter.

Keep it simple and to the point. Its always appreciated. Follow these simple steps and you could get your site approved on the first attempt.
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