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> Remove Delete Confirmation in Windows

Although this may strictly not be a performance related tweak you would like this fix as it saves u some of your precious clicks :)

As you know; while deleting a file from your PC, you get an alert message to confirm your action. Many would agree that this message is very annoying while deleting lot many files from different locations.

In case you are using a touch screen laptop, you would simply love this small system alteration which will remove this alert message.

Many users, although being well familiar with computers still don't know that removing alert option is available and it is really easy to perform.


1. Right click the "Recycle Bin" icon on your desktop and then click on "Properties"

2. You will notice an enabled check box on "Display Delete Confirmation Dialog" box. It's a default system feature.

3. Remove the check mark and click "OK"

Now when you delete any file, it will be removed from your system without an alert.


1 The above method is safe to perform as it does not delete your file permanently. Your file will be placed in the Recycle Bin and you can restore it in case required.

2 If you wish to permanently delete a file you will still continue to receive a system alert to confirm your action, Safe isn't it?

3 Windows shortcut for Permanent File deletion - Shift+Del


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