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I have already posted a list of Free Online File Storage sites in my earlier post, but the Best was yet to come. Here I would like to introduce my favorite Online storage and file sharing system.

Its my favorite because, it has all possible requirements i would look for in an Online File Storage site.

1) The interface is simple to use and looks quite similar to Windows explorer
2) It has facility to upload multiple files at once
3) There is option to create new folders

4) Each folder has a Public or a Private attribute and its easy to toogle between
5) All free registered users get 10GB storage space
6) The system maintains a hugh pool of user uploaded files.
7) Downloading a file does not require registration
8) You can search a desired file and keep it in your dashboard for future download
9) Its a perfect File Storage and File Sharing system.
10) The individual file upload limit is increased to 2GB, so you need not worry uploading heavy files.

You can check out the site below
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